Monday, June 29, 2009

Sketchbook Dump Highlight Post

If you follow me on Deviantart, you'll know that I recently did a two part marathon sketchbook dump that ended with nearly twenty new pictures being uploaded.  From this I learned two things. One, I need a dedicated flatbed scanner, because taking snapshots of each sketch just doesn't cut it when it comes to quality.  Two, I have a weird obsession with drawing heads.  Maybe this has to do with the fact I'm insecure about my ability to effectively draw faces, so in response I just draw a lot of them.  Instead of spamming you with all the pictures, I'll give you a sampling of my personal favorites from the batch.  To see all of them, feel free to check out my deviant page.

A fun little cartoon beastie I did while 
experimenting with combinations of art styles.
This was an attempt to merge art nouveau and 
hispanic chibi (if that's even a style)

Not everything was cute, however.  These
are a couple of pen sketch concepts of some
generic cyberpunk/horror characters.

One of my absolute favorites from 
the set was also the last I uploaded.  
I think I have a thing for biomech vehicles.
Whether I'm any good at drawing them 
is a completely different matter.

Hope you take a look at the full dump, and please feel free to let me know what you think!  This artist loves feedback.


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