Friday, June 19, 2009

Clearwire, Backlog, and other Mumblings

I will honestly admit to a case of literary blue-balls from the past two weeks. I wanted dearly to finish the second part of my rant on MMO structure, and perhaps there was a bit of stage fright which came along with it. Meanwhile, ideas and thoughts kept piling up in notepads and in the back of my mind, which has only added to the frustration over the incomplete status of the posting. Now that its out, I can finally update briefly on several fronts.

First, I am most excited to report that I have freed myself from the shackles of AT&T's DSL morass and have happily switched to Clearwire, a budding WiMax broadband Internet service. Every negative assumption I had prior to taking the plunge (due mostly to bad experiences with DSL and Cable net) happily turned out to be wrong. It was affordable, offering the same bandwidth for half the price, easy to order, dead easy to set up (quite literally plug and surf), and so far rock solid in terms of stability. As someone who is not a land line phone user nor a TV watcher, the ability to have simple, effective, reliable Internet access without the need for other services is a absolute boon. But enough gushing, undoubtedly I will have something to eventually grouse about.

I've finally made the plunge and got myself a YouTube account (gasp!) which I have noticed gives me a subtle motivator to produce new work, now that I have a venue in which to display it. For your viewing pleasure, here is my demo reel, updated slightly to include some additions which should have been included long ago.

Rest assured you'll be seeing a lot more articles soon, I have a couple big ideas that will all naturally clump together which I will hopefully begin on shortly. These won't be art related as they have more to do with some of my thoughts regarding technology and innovation. But those posts are for another night, and it's nearly 1AM. Goodnight folks!


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