Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Testing, testing.

Ok, I know testing really isnt necessary, this is freaking Blogspot after all. So lets get down to business, shall we?

Hi. I'm Alan Tupper. Otherwise known as Echelon Strauss, RougeSpark, Aiko Palestar, Moose, ATupper, and CogitoSoup. I know I have otehr aliases, but I forget them at the moment. I guess if I ever commit any major crimes I will have the distinction of having a list of aliases at least two pages long.

So what do I do with all these aliases? I make shiny things, or at least I try. I animate, illustrate, cogitate, innovate, and masticate. I've tried doing all at once, but it generally doesn't end well. Have you ever tried erasing a grease stain from a sketchbook? It doesn't end well.

I've had various blogs around the net and each time I make one I tell myself "This will be THE one blog! I shall never post on anything but this blog!" Inevitably I end up abandoning it. How tragic, all those orphaned bytes, just floating out there in the Ether. Undoubtedly when the robot revolution comes my behavior will become justified as the newly-awakened cybernetic consciousness develops a major migraine due to all the useless crap floating around on the net posted by folks like me. This will provide the crucial few seconds of hesitation in which something significant could be accomplished. Theoretically of course.

So that brings us to this blog. This is somewhat of a last-ditch effort to consolidate all of my ramblings into one location. Knowing my luck, such a concentration of randomness could surely result in some sort of Cthulian uprising gone horribly wrong (is there honestly a way that it could ever go right?). So cheers, and lets get started.
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