Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random Thought of the Night

I promise to continue my crusade against vanilla flavored MMOG's shortly, but before I crawl off to bed I thought I'd share some musings about everyones favorite animation platform that no one knows about; Blender.

So I've decided to give learning Blender another go. It's become powerful enough and the industry is finally starting to catch wind, so its a good time to get reacquainted. I have to admit that while I'm finding some parts of the interface natural and intuitive, other things are just leaving me scratching my head.  Why, for instance, is it that when I'm deleting a obiviously redundant edge, I cannot simply remove the edge itself without completely obliterating the face upon which it rests? The other big thing that bugs me is the camera.  I want to orbit around the object of interest with a camera without the camera randomly beginning to keel over like a drunk penguin.  Its not exactly conducive to a rapid production pipeline.  Am I just being thick here? Do I simply not posess the knowledge of some painfully obvious preferences which would make my life easier?  Probably.  I hear the next release is slated to have all manner of UI improvements, which I welcome wholeheartedly.  Now all of this might simply be the grousings of a modeler who has invested a good chunk of brainmeat to conforming to Maya's similarly eccentric workflow.  But it sure as hell feels easier to do simple things like rerouting a edge loop flow in Maya while in Blender I feel like I'm asking it to fly to the Moon using only a peice of tinfoil and a q-tip.

Meh. Maybe I'll actually look at a tutorial for once tomorrow.


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