Friday, May 15, 2009

Maine, Haircut, and a new Painting

So its been a few days, ok more than a few.  Here's what's been happening in my little corner of the universe.  The last week or so my fiance and I were up in my home state of Maine to get some prep work done for our wedding, and boy what progress we made!  We not only managed to get a cake baker and a florist, we picked up the dress (which I'm not allowed to see, so I can only operate under hearsay evidence), and also managed to blast down to Boston for a day to do our engagement photos with the awesome folks from JAGStudios.  I've been told they'll be posting the pictures tonight, and hopefully I'll have a link up to them in shortly!  While I wanted to have done in time for the shoot, I procrastinated and ended up getting a long overdue haircut. As much as I love the shaggy look, it just doesn't cut it down here in Atlanta during the summer.  Now I'm back down here in Atlanta, and by way of a apology for not posting during the last week I present a corporate monster:

Cute, neh?

I've also got about 4 or 5 ideas floating around in my noggin that need to be written down.  Perhaps later tonight I'll find the time to do it, or maybe Star Trek and engagement photos will consume my evening!


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