Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Food for Thought

Bit=0 or 1
Nibble=4 Bit
Byte=8 Bit
Kilobyte=1024 Bytes
Megabyte=1024 Kilobytes
Gigabyte=1024 Megabytes
Terabyte=1024 Gigabytes
Petabyte=1024 Terabytes
Exabyte=1024 Petabytes
Zettabyte=1024 Exabytes
Yottabyte=1024 Zettabytes
Xonabyte=1024 Yottabytes
Wekabyte=1024 Xonabytes
Yundabyte=1024 Wekabytes
Udabyte=1024 Yundabytes
Tredabyte=1024 Udabytes
Sortabyte=1024 Tredabytes
Rintabyte=1024 Sortabytes
Quexabyte=1024 Rintabytes
Peptabyte=1024 Quexabytes
Ochabyte=1024 Peptabytes
Nenabyte=1024 Ochabytes
Mingabyte=1024 Nenabytes
Lumabyte=1024 Mingabytes

We are currently in transtition from the era of Gigabytes to Terrabytes. Already, there are predictions that by next year there will be a Zettabyte of information on the Net. Assuming Moore's Law remains true, what will we be capable of in a era of Udabytes, and how soon will that be?  Keep in mind at this early juncture we've already got enough storage to store a entire human genome.  Its also worth noting that I entered high school in the era of Megabytes and by the time I had graduated we were firmly in the realm of Gigabytes.  Over my stay in Maine I read Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Internet demigod Cory Doctrow (I highly reccomend it, by the way).  Perhaps we aren't quite as far away from a world of complete mental backups and digitally imparted imortality. 


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